Online Message

  • 2021/08/04 Ed Powell

    You may wanna take that guys personal info off you site before he sues you. And ditto about the lack of service.

  • 2021/08/04 Jim Johnson

    After several attempts to contact your company, I am convinced you provide no customer service at all. Very disappointed.

  • 2021/07/30 Michael Cohen

    I own a MHVAST TS70 XHP70.2 The rubber cover that protects the USB port keeps coming off and I finally lost it. Would you please send me a couple of them so I can replace it. You may want to design it to stay on better on your next revision. Please send to Michael Cohen 2848 Parkridge Dr NE Brookhaven GA 30319 Thank you

    Thank you. Please give me a complete contact address!
  • 2021/06/09 Edward Soltis

    Do you produce a surefire 6p or 3p clone? I have seen parts available but not complete lights. I would be interested in buying some complete if you do indeed make them. Thank you

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